Future Perfect

Charles and Jill

Who We Are

FuturePerfect is a community for leaders who want to become everything they were created to be and to do everything they were created to do. 

Powered by Hope and Love

FuturePerfect was founded by Charles and Jill to share their passion that leaders can bring freedom and joy with the work they do to love all those around them. 
For more than 20 years they have been walking alongside leaders in business, charities, government and churches to challenge them to become more and encourage them to more impact.    

What We Stand For

John F. Kennedy said that “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” We agree because leading is about going somewhere and becoming something new.
Our vision is for a world of work where people experience joy and fulfilment rather than toiling in an environment of fear and control.
We believe this joy and fulfilment can overflow to offer love to those they work with and those they care for.
To bring this change the leaders need commitment to a personal change as well learning how to enable this experience of work where ever they have influence or responsibility.
Such significant change cannot be achieved just through a short course, a topical webinar or the latest book. Growth is a process and we believe it happens most effectively when new beliefs and knowledge is coupled shared in a community where actions can be encouraged and challenged.

Between the comfort zone and the possibility zone lies the discovery zone.

Discomfort and stretch are ingredients for growth. It is our feelings that enable us to commit to changing our beliefs. It knowledge that equips us to taking new actions. When feelings, belief, knowledge and action is aligned we can bring deep change.


Are you brave enough to accept the wonderful invitation
to discover and become your full potential?

If so, we have a range of groups, and 1 to 1 coaching opportunities to help you at whatever stage you find yourself. We are committed to helping you access relevant and empowering education and practical support that will accelerate your progress and make your investment of time and money a no-brainer. We also believe that experiential learning is the best way to achieve real transformation. Our aim to provide access to powerful insights and skills that empower forward thinking leaders like you to make a difference, not just in your work but in every area of your life.

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