Future Perfect

We work with CEOs of companies, Multi-Academy Trusts and Social Ventures – people who recognise that organisation growth requires personal growth and want to take their organisation to the next level.

Are you ready to step up?

Are you the CEO or leader of an organisation with a turnover >£5m ?
Do you recognise the need to prepare yourself, your team and your organisation
for the next big transition?
Would you like to re-discover your purpose and passion for the future?
Is it time to break through and find a new freedom and joy at work
for yourself and your team?
We bring together three of the best ways
​to accelerate your personal and organisational growth:


This builds on the principles of a mastermind group to create a
structured leadership development zone with a private advisory group built in.
You get access to some of the best educators and also the collective wisdom of 12-15 peers from other organisations who are ready to help you deal with your immediate issues, both business and personal. You will have absolute confidence that what you share stays in the room. We know that what you receive will help you transform your situation, discover your true potential, overcome barriers and accelerate your progress every month.

Three communities to choose from

Some of our workshop themes

Our world-class speakers and trainers are drawn from a network of accomplished leaders with powerful insights and a track record of success. Everything they share is highly relevant and comes with immediate practical application.
Here are some of our recent themes


The most successful leaders on the planet have coaches for a reason. It’s a highly effective way of overcoming cognitive bias, fear, real or imagined barriers, defining effective action and being held accountable for making changes.
All our coaches are professionally trained and will have worked to bring change to leaders like you before.


Effective leaders are always learning, connecting the dots, understanding what’s in play, how it works and why it matters.
The greater the clarity the greater the confidence to take action. The big challenge today is filtering the true insights from the endless noise.
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