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Your Pathway to Success as a Portfolio Executive

Becoming A Portfolio Executive

First you have to make the right decision and then you have to get the right support.
If a Portfolio Executive career is right for you, then you need to seek guidance, critical feedback and support from a like-minded community. There’s a lot to learn when you get outside the familiarity of the corporate world. Anyone who has successfully transitioned will tell you it requires both the investment of time and the development of new skills.
You may have no existing skills in sales and marketing. Even if you do, the pitch is no longer about your past experience or corporate offers but about the value you personally can create for your customers now.
You can find out more by downloading Your Pathway to a Successful 2nd Half Career.


A two-year programme designed to help you prepare, launch and grow your new business.
Investment starts from as little as £500 per month.

Year 1

Prepare your business, purpose and product.
Launch your new business in the third quarter to win first client.  
Mastermind Webinars
​Unlimited access
​to training videos and the cohort collaboration site.

6 months to prepare

  • How to start a business
  • Set the business purpose
  • Shape personal values & mindset
  • Define the value proposition
  • Build a portfolio business model
  • Build the product
  • Define the personal brand
  • Build the network

6 months to launch

  • Develop the sales & delivery cycle
  • Build habits for success & resilience
  • Build marketing capability
  • Build sales capability
  • Build the compelling pitch
  • Win your first clients and begin to build your brand identity

Year 2

Take your learning to the next level from theory to practice.
​Make your business sustainable – and build resilience.
Mastermind Webinars
​Unlimited access
​to training videos and cohort collaboration site.

Time to GROW

  • Ensure customer delight, start to build brand reputation and grow the customer base.
  • Start to build your team
  • Learn to run your business
  • Overcome growth traps

Imagine what it will feel like when your dream of helping businesses grow is now a reality, and your portfolio means you are buffered against the loss of any one client. To get there takes time.

Unlike generic training, we’re about personalising every activity so that you can build sustainable success with a way of working that gives you the life you want to have.
The residential weekends mean you can even start while your still employed if that works best for your financial situation and commitments.

Corporate Life isn’t forever.

Consider the options and choose what’s best for you

When I had one foot in the corporate world, and the other foot trying to start my own business, I found it so supportive, knowing that Charles had done that journey himself.