Future Perfect


The second best time
to make a change is today.
The best time was a year ago.

Don’t put it off any longer.

Your best self is calling

Is this a time to re-discover what you really want from your working life?
Are you wondering whether work sucks the life out of you and leaves you impoverished (financially, socially, relationally and spiritually)?
What if there was a way to re-imagine and re-design your life, working in a way that fills you with joy and freedom to be the person you were born to be?
What if life is not really a journey where stuff happens to you from the outside in but a process of discovery and transformation from the inside out as you evolve into the fullness of who you can be?
When you’re stuck and fed up it’s easy to go from the frying pan to the fire; to move from one job to the next or one relationship to the next (changing the external factors) , without ever taking stock of what the best you really wants in life, what’s actually holding you back and what will make the difference.
In the final analysis…we all choose our own destiny…either consciously or by default
of choosing the path of least resistance.
It’s time to be courageous, step back, reflect and re-evaluate what’s important for you so that you can whole-heartedly commit to either re-engage, re-direct or re-invent.

Your Eight Essential Ingredients

Only you can decide what freedom and joy looks like for you.
Let’s start with the eight essential ingredients you need to understand and consciously reflect upon in order to design the life you really want. 

Eight Powerful Exercises

Making a commitment to build the life you really want is best done with your eyes wide open.
Over 30 days, we will send you a series of simple reflective exercises to help you work out what matters most to you, how well your reality matches up to your deepest desires and what to do about the gaps.
Your likely outcome will be one of three decisions.
1. Re-engage with your present situation but with a renewed passion, energy and a fresh perspective that sets you up to succeed.
2. Re-direct your energy and talents to a similar opportunity in a new place where you can do your best and most fulfilling work.
3. Re-invent yourself by building on all that you have learned and start to create a whole new world of possibility where freedom and joy can be an everyday experience.
Too hard? Only if you say so!

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