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Meet the Speakers

All our speakers are selected for their ability to facilitate interactive workshops with practical and instantly applicable next steps.   
How to confidently present without notes
Michael Trigg is quite simply one of the world’s best trainers who will have you speaking without notes in less than three hours.
The application of this training includes pretty much every situation where you need a compelling message and your audience needs to be convinced. 

Michael Trigg

The Presentation Maestro michael@presentationmaestro.com
07876 359 5390

The Impact Code: Live the Life You Deserve
Author of the highly acclaimed IMPACT CODE, Nigel is a fantastic communicator who will challenge the way you see the world and other people.
More than that, he will help you understand how to communicate so people connect with you.

Nigel Risner

Author, Speaker, and Executive Coach
07971 869 648

Leveraging the Power of your Professional Network
Networking is a vital tool for business. Yet so few people take a strategic approach to it. The expertise, experience, ideas and connections that other people offer can make all the difference to your personal or collective success. All of the resources you need are at your disposal to achieve your best. The question is…..do you understand how?
Connecting is not enough. In this very practical session, Andy will show you how to use LinkedIn as a referral tool.
Andy is one of Europe’s leading business networking strategists, the author of three books on networking and an international speaker.
As a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association, the Institute for Sales and Marketing Management as well as the Learning and Performance Institute, Andy’s presentations are always engaging and highly relevant.

Andy Lopata

Author, International Speaker, and Trainer
07930 417 833

Discover your Colourworks Leadership Profile
Colour Works has built a reputation for transforming the way people work together. It uses a simple to remember profiling framework that is accredited within the Insights Discovery model of behavioural psychology. Giles works with leadership teams around the world improving leadership skills and team-working.
Prior to the session, you are invited to complete The Colour Works leadership profile to discover your thinking and behavioural preferences. This forms the basis of a very insightful discovery about how best to affect collaboration with your team with people who very likely have different profiles.

Giles Miskin

Entrepreneur, Leadership Development Expert, and Founder of The ColourWorks
07971 215 704

The Neurogenetics behind effective sales and marketing
As a leader you need to know how humans really work.
Dr Bob Murray can show you how you can use the findings from the latest research to lead, influence, sell and to market more successfully. Discover who you are actually marketing to. It may not be who you think. Find out what humans really buy and what you’re really selling. Discover the prime drivers of human behaviour and decision-making and how to effectively use them.


Dr Bob Murray is an internationally recognised behavioural neuro-geneticist and clinical psychologist. His insights are based on his wide experience in building, running and selling successful businesses, his 20 years as a business consultant as well as his deep knowledge of research in the areas of management, psychology, genetics and neurobiology. This has made him an in-demand keynote speaker in the UK, Europe, the US, Australia and Asia.

Dr Bob has taught at Duke, Tufts, Sydney, California State, South Florida and Melbourne Universities. He is the author of eleven books, including several best-sellers. Most recently he wrote “Leading the Future: The Human Science of Law Firm Strategy and Leadership”. His next book “Putting Strategy into Practice” is due out in July 2019.

Dr Bob Murray

Author, Speaker, and Neurogenetics Expert
+61 282 245 100​

The Power of StrengthsFinder for Leaders and Teams
Discover powerful insights into your unique makeup using your personal Strengths Finder Profile. Discover why some team relationships seem harder than others. Find out how to create harmony so that everybody can bring their best selves to work be collaborative to achieve best results.

Hannah Miller

Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder Coach
07748 986 171

Nobody Washes A Rental Car 
The simple answer is because there is no sense of personal ownership. So how do you unlock that in your team? 
In this workshop Mark shares the proven leadership strategies from a career of transformational change all around the world in many different cultures.

Mark Fritz

Author, Speaker, and Team Engagement Consultant
07930 321 458​