Future Perfect

Corporate life isn't forever

Consider the options and what's best for you

It's time to take control of your future

Are you finding that the opportunities for promotion are starting to diminish. 

Do you feel your work just doesn’t bring you the freedom and joy you want or deserve 
and you can’t see yourself doing this for the rest of your working life .

Do you want to take control of your 2nd Half Career?

Maybe you have already made that decision but you feel like you are standing on the top diving board; both excited and scared about the leap into the future.

The Good News

The good news is your knowledge, experience and accomplishments are hugely valuable and there are a handful of options open to you. 
You could seek another executive position which could take 12-18 months and there’s no guarantee that the new employer will be able to give you what you want. 
All the other options require a fundamental shift in perspective. 
​​This webinar is part of a proven six-step-process ​and will map your options so you can make the right 2nd Half Career choice for you.

What you will learn

The six options for a professional second half career
How to decide the right options for you
What becoming a Portfolio Executive could mean for you 
The hidden traps that could hold you back
How to make a successful transition in a structured way

Your Presenter

Charles is an exceptional mentor with more than 35 years building entrepreneurial organisations. He started his career as a computer whiz kid in the early ‘80s as Silicon Fen was becoming established in Cambridge.
Having launched a number of businesses, he was head hunted into Andersen Business Consulting, becoming a partner, before developing a portfolio career in his early 40s.
Over the last 10 years, his portfolio has included a number of executive development brands including Chairman at The Academy for Chief Executives.
In 2014 he established FuturePerfect as an independent executive development partner and for the last three years this has included mentoring professionals seeking transition to a more rewarding portfolio workstyle.
This is your chance to explore whether your 2nd Half Career path should be developing a Portfolio Executive workstyle that brings you the freedom and reward you really desire.

Charles Mclachlan
Founder of FuturePerfect

When I had one foot in the corporate world, and the other foot trying to start my own business, I found it so supportive, knowing that Charles had done that journey himself.