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Scale-Up CEO Growth Academy

A proven growth system for aspirational CEOs & MDs of mid-sized companies with a turnover of less than £5 million.

Is this right for you?

CEOs face a number of crucial transitions.  May be you are relatively new to the role and looking for the right support.  Perhaps you are well established but need to scale successfully. Or you are looking to transition by a sale or major new investor.    

If any of the following ring true for you, let’s have a conversation:

Why join this CEO community?

There is a growing number of development groups ranging from online webinars to intensive bootcamps.
Most CEO communities seek to bring you the ‘know how’.
We believe the ‘know when’ is important too.
But our groups will crucially challenge the ‘know why’ and the ‘know who’.
We will help you develop what you believe so you ‘know why’.
We will enable you to become all you were created to be as you discover who you truly are.

It’s true that we just don’t know what we don’t know. My group has opened my eyes to see the things that matter most, and ask questions I had never considered. I regularly discover things that have been holding me back that I would never have changed without taking the time to stop and reflect and be challenged by people I have come to trust and rely on. It’s amazing what can happen when you invest just 5% of your time to work ON the business and yourself. It has paid me back 10x over. Love it.

A powerful combination:

The purpose of the CEO Growth Academy is to challenge leaders to develop their full potential by providing:  
World Class Speakers delivering carefully selected,
interactive leadership and business development workshops
100% Confidential peer-to-peer advisory board
where you bring current opportunities, concerns and dilemmas for creative insight, wisdom and challenge.
    Monthly 1-2-1 coaching and accountability session
with the Academy chairman to shape your unique journey
and keep on track. 
Annual 2 Day Residential Strategy Retreat
Discounted Access to world class learning events
Find out for yourself
how membership can help
you transform your future
Request your free 15min consultation

Our Price Promise

We know that those who are intentional about their development (both business and personal) grow their effectiveness 2-6 times faster than the rest.
Research shows that those who work with an experienced mentor / coach and create peer group relationships of accountability typically see a return on investment of up to six times.
We make it even easier for you….
Commit for three months
and if it’s not for you, we will refund your investment.   

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